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A bit about me

Yaela Tal is a passionate Heart Healer, Psychic Medium, Intuitive Health Coach and a yoga teacher with a deep commitment to holistic healing. 

As the founder and visionary behind the 'Rays of Light' Holistic Healing Center, she brings together her diverse skills and experiences to support others on their healing journeys. Her mission is to bring healing, build community and educate people about holistic ways of living and healing.

Recently completing pre and postnatal yoga teacher training, Yaela has gained valuable knowledge in supporting women during this transformative phase of life. She also carries the profound understanding of loss, having personally experienced an early pregnancy loss. 

Drawing from her own 10-year journey of breaking free from a narcissistic abusive relationship, healing her deepest wounds, and falling in love with herself, Yaela discovered her true calling as a Heart Healer. 

Through a blend of intuitive energy healing techniques, she empowers women to heal, embrace self-love, attract soulful connections, and manifest the life they have always dreamed of. 

By helping clients recognize and heal unhealed childhood traumas at their roots, Yaela facilitates profound transformations and the release of blockages that may hinder progress in various areas of life. 

Outside of her transformative work, Yaela finds joy in spending quality time with her daughter, indulging in dance and song, and immersing herself in the beauty of nature. Guided by a naturalistic and minimalist lifestyle, she cherishes the values of family, community, spirituality, and personal growth. With a deep respect for all beings and a profound connection to nature, Yaela embodies a holistic approach to life and is dedicated to creating a nurturing space for others to heal, thrive, and embrace their true potential.